“Hi Pamela!  Thank you so much for such a nice letter! You really made me feel like a princess that day, I have never felt so beautiful in my life!  I think it is the most beautiful picture I have ever had, and it’s right after you did my makeup!  Bre” 

This was one of those special moments in what I do.  First, it was special because Bride Bre from Ohio was so happy to be in Charleston for her wedding.  She was in awe of the magnificent scenery and good manners that abound here.  Next, she was just so darn happy to be having her makeup done.  I knew this about her from all our correspondence leading up to her big day.  When I knocked on her door to meet her, this beautiful smile is what greeted me.  Finally, after her makeup had been applied (she didn’t want to look at the process. . . she wanted the Big Reveal afterwards) she raised the hand mirror to look at herself.  The waterworks began: she started tearing up, then her best friends started tearing up, and I started misting up.  Just another reason why waterproof mascara is a must on a wedding day!

This photo was snapped by her best friend, who also officiated Bre’s ceremony.  I think it perfectly captures not only the beauty that is Bre, but her inner beauty most of all.

Much love and happiness, indeed.

Photo taken at Charleston Harbor Marina Resort
Hair by Jen Grafeo of Save the Date Salon

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