Boudoir photography is something I’m seeing more of in this take-it-up-a-notch world of marital bliss.  It’s a fantastic way to capture a bride or wife at a moment when she’s feeling very good about herself.  The boudoir shoots I’ve been involved in have had a clandestine element about them mostly because the ladies being photographed want to keep an element of surprise in presenting these albums to their husbands.  I continually hear these ladies tell of the reactions of their spouses when they give them The Book.  Usually his jaw drops, and by the time they can collect themselves enough to speak, the first words out are “Who took these photos?”

So, meet Miss K and Miss L.  These two ladies are bff’s from childhood.  They were both engaged during the same time and planning weddings in two different cities.  This photo shoot was part of a brainstorm of ideas to give as wedding gifts to their respective husbands.  This may have been one of the most luxurious shoots I’ve been involved in; these ladies did it up and planned it beautifully.  The backdrop is a beautiful old hotel in downtown Charleston with rich textures everywhere I looked.  From the moment I walked in, they were giddy with excitement over their costume changes.  Everything was planned out to the Nth degree. . . the venue, lingerie, sports momentos, SHOES like you wouldn’t believe, and hair and makeup.

Now, a word about the hair: Tanesha Dupree.  For so many reasons, Tanesha is one of my favorite people, not to mention stylists.  She custom ordered and made these hair pieces.  Yes, they are extensions, and that was part of the fantasy of this photo shoot. . . stepping outside boundaries and trying to conjure a different look.  Then the makeup comes in and plays off that. . . lashes and eyeliner galore, great skin, shiny lips.  Put it all together and these ladies stepped into a world that was full of confidence, and sheer delight because they knew how much the hubsters were going to love this.

And then of course, it takes the utmost professional photographer to pull this all together.  Brooke Christl of Myrtle Beach has a sub-specialty in this type of photography.  She’s a wedding and lifestyle photographer, who has a real knack for boudoir.  I knew as soon as I heard the interaction among Brooke and these ladies, that the resulting photos would be amazing.  She’s a master of direction. . . and that’s exactly what it takes when it comes to getting the best results with boudoir photos.  How to stand, where to put hands, feet, a tilt of the chin, placement of everything in general.  She was phenomenal in thinking up situational events that helped put her clients at ease.  That’s what makes a great photographer. . . the knowing and anticipation of what their clients want.

I’ll stop going on . . . but believe me, I could ramble.  This was a wonderful thing to be a part of and witness.  The great communication, the exuding confidence, and the FUN that comes from this.  Thank you, ladies, for allowing me to play a part.  And for those of you who have ever or never considered this:  please do so; it’s a real treat, something you’ll look back and be so proud of.  As a matter of fact, get in touch with me. . . I’ve got a great lead on an upcoming shoot you’ll want to be part of!

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