Where to begin? These two people were equally resplendent in their own right. I’ll begin with Bride Sara because I met her first.

Sara is the walking, talking personification of a Country Queen. . . and I’m not talking the Reba kind, but more along the lines of the Carrie kind (as in “Underwood”). She was beautiful when she sat down with not a stitch of makeup on her face, but the transformation as we enhanced her natural beauty was astounding. Her sister, Chrissie, was with her and she wept as she saw this take place. But even all this physical beauty wasn’t what was really special about her. . . it was her kind, sweet heart that shone through. This girl was Love walking.

I had had some correspondence with her photographer, Richard Ellis, days before the wedding. I knew I was going to like him immediately. This is a guy who is on it. . . no moss gathers on him. On day one of our e-mails, I had requested some photos from her bridal session, and on day two, there was a disc in my mailbox. Please check out his website and his impressive resume. However, it’s his polite, calm demeanor and the easy conversation that happens with this gentleman that makes him special. That, and his assistant Gillian (his daughter), make working together a joy. OK, all that and the amazing photos he’s able to get.

Thank you to the McCants and Southard families for your loving hospitality.
Thank you to Richard Ellis for your talents, conversation, and willingness to share. (And, Richard, your stationery is impeccable:)

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