Got an oil slick on your face?  You’re not alone. . .not by a long shot.
I see so many clients who constantly battle facial oiliness.  It’s a curse in your youth, but a blessing in disguise.  More than likely if you suffer from facial oiliness, and you’ve no doubt heard it before, but it’s a virtual insurance policy for anti-wrinkling in later years.
Combine oily skin with the impending summer humidity, and that’s one recipe for a makeup meltdown.
The current formulation I’m using comes in two tubes, prior to foundation:
A pea-size dab of Urban Decay’s Pore Perfecting Primer +
one-half that amount of UD’s De-Slick (gel) in a Tube.
Mix it on the back of your hand, use a foundation brush to tap it on and smooth it across your face, concentrating it on the oily t-zone areas.
Wait a minute, then apply foundation.  This time-released formulation helps absorb oil production throughout the day to keep your face at it’s mattified best.

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