This is a selection of pure whimsy.
Because I know only one person who has been gifted a jar of Creme de La Mer.
It’s one of those luxury items that, if we are lucky enough to come across, we do it for ourselves.
But this stuff is transformative.
Created originally by an aerospace physicist who suffered burns in the laboratory, 
he set out to create a treatment to transform the look of his skin.
This product is especially helpful for people with super-dry skin.
It’s very thick and tacky.
You need only a tiny dab, and to warm it between your fingers.
Then you press it into your skin in the gentlest of patting motions.
I found the Neiman-Marcus saleslady to be so very generous with her time, instructions, and samples.
This is Love in a Jar.
1 oz. $150
2 oz. $275
16.5 oz. $1900

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