This one bears repeating.
Armani’s EYES TO KILL is simply the best mascara I’ve ever used.
This mascara would be a great Christmas gift because:
1. The brush is so thick and dispenses product beautifully and evenly
2. The mascara goes on dry-ish; it doesn’t “dot” on my upper or lower eyelids
3. This is the longest-wearing non-waterproof mascara I’ve used
4.  This is that one mascara that’s a difference maker for my lashes. . .
I get that nice, swooped-out edge on either eye.
5. No “crunchy” mascara lashes; my lashes stay soft, long, and voluminous.
6. Perhaps because I use less product, but this mascara seems to last a long time in the tube 
(remember, don’t share!)
Can’t say enough good things about this mascara.  
My Favorite!

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