Last week I had the privilege of working with a very makeup-savvy bridesmaid, who is blonde. This was someone who knew exactly what she wanted (colors, coverage, etc.), and so we struck up a great conversation. I’d say she was an amateur pro. She was makeup friendly, has tried lots of formulations and colors, and had definite opinions on what looked best on the traditional blonde haired, blue-eyed gal.

One of the things I looked into after our conversation was the product pictured above. Loreal’s Color Juice in “Pina Colada.” It’s the perfect nude lip for blondes. . . just a hint of color, and divinely glossy. Not to mention it can be found in most drug stores.

So, thanks, Elizabeth! I appreciate the advice, enjoyed our chat, and LOVE the look. Blondes. . . if you would prefer your baby-blues be the focal point of your makeup, go out and buy this great spring/summer shade for your lips.

(If you’d like a little more staying power, I’d recommend MAC’s soft lip liner, limited edition, in a shade called “Naked” applied underneath.)

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