How fortunate I am to have worked with this man. Brownie is a combination of creative genius, gentleman, proud father and husband, and fascinating Man with a Story.

I met Brownie when he shot the Polley-Cutler wedding at the Market Pavilion Hotel in Charleston (AMAZING, no detail was spared). Brownie had done the hotel’s marketing photography, so he knew most of the people on staff. This knowledge of people behind the scenes, I would eventually learn, is pivotal in his work.

This summer, he brought me on board for a photo shoot of the Kiawah Island Development Partners. Downtown at the KDP office, as well as out on Kiawah, I was able to see a more sustained version of what he does. It entails so much more than pointing and clicking.

Brownie takes the time to get to know his subjects, clients, the landscape, whatever he’s shooting. He talks and asks questions and has this way of putting people at ease; making them laugh, finding common threads. It was really something to see all these interactions unfold. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed, I got to see the finished product. . . the proofs.

That’s where you see the transformation between two people who are essentially strangers and an obvious connection that has been made, expressed through art.

Please check out his website, and I’m sure you’ll understand why I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with this man. I think it will always be a thrill to check my e-mail and see a note that says “from Brownie Harris.”

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