The first time I walked into Luke Wilson’s north King Street office, I was struck by the beauty of his new work-home. My eyes went first to the wide wooden floors, then the plethora of fabric and rug textures, lighting, books, and furniture. This building was at some point someone’s home. Now, Luke Wilson has made it his home-away-from-home. And for good reason: he spends a lot of time there.

What I have come to understand is that like his work surroundings, Luke puts this same touch on the events he coordinates. He knows his venues and finds a way to meld their character with a bride’s vision of her wedding day. The results are spectacular.

Luke and his associate, Megan Morgan, know each other from their Johnson and Wales days of culinary arts. Each went their own way after graduating, gaining professional experiences that would ultimately lead to their work together today. Luke Wilson Events offers two ways to go: Full Service Event Design or Day-of & Design Coordination.

My first meeting with Megan was quite impressive. Organization skills such as hers. . . attention to the smallest of details. . . is nothing short of miraculous to me. Each bride / event gets their own notebook. Every note, conversation, swatch of fabric, color sample, menu, venue, really anything having to do with the event, is recorded. The options that are made available to clients are amazing. Add to all this professionalism, Megan’s kindness and sweet nature. . . it makes for delightful working conditions.

Luke is gifted not only with an eye for details, but for seeing the big picture first. He also manages to keep a sense of humor and an “in-the-grand-scheme-of-things” attitude. I think this is hugely important because it keeps everyone (brides, moms) calm and reassured. And isn’t that what any bride wants on her wedding day. . . to know that everything is going to be wonderful? With Luke, it’ll be so much more than that. . . it’ll be phenomenal.

The photos above are ones I specifically asked for. They are my personal faves, but they represent only one aspect of his artistry. I have a ‘thing’ for trees and lighting. I also love, Love, LOVE the idea of transforming an outdoor area into a comfortable living space, even if just for an evening. The whole “transformation for an evening” is stuff fairy tales are made of, isn’t it? Just look at what he can do with some branches, candles, and a well-manicured lawn!

I think what it boils down to is that Luke Wilson knows how to live well. Therefore, he knows how to celebrate well.

Thank you, Luke.
Thank you, Megan.

Please check out this website. It has magnificent photographs (many, compliments of Kim Graham Photography) and lots of information about this team of creative spirits.

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