Last week I was doing a makeup lesson with a client when the idea of a great on-going blog hit me. At one point during my teaching, I reached into my own handbag as opposed to my kit. You know the one. . .with all the smudges and smears, dust and powder particles covering it. I felt it was a teachable moment. . . a look into what’s inside a MUA’s own personal stash.

By now you know I have a love affair with my MAC. However, there are a few products that I use that are not MAC. The first blog-worthy product is the one pictured above. It’s one of those splurge-treats; a product that’s always appearing in the beauty magazine awards lists. And for good reason: they are tried and true.
Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat Radiant Touch is a combination concealer and luminizer housed in a clickable pen. When you click the end, the product is dispensed through a brush tip at the other end. I carry this in my to-go bag because I love it as a touch-up. I use it mid-day when my face needs to be brightened up a bit. I apply it under my eyes and in the crease above my chin. Blend with index fingers, and voila. . .instant pick-me-up.
I still defer to my MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer for my first application of the day, but this YSL is the perfect accompaniment for later-in-the-day touch ups. It is available in four shades. You can find it on or in most higher-end department stores.
It is what it says: a radiant touch.

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