If you’ve followed my blog, you’ll know that Brownie Harris is a photographer and gentleman whom I admire greatly. Have since the day I met him. I was especially pleased that two young photographers from Charleston chose to do a short feature film about Brownie’s life and career. This is an informative, entertaining 10 minutes. . . I hope you’ll watch. I know you’ll enjoy.

During my correspondence with Lee Morris, one of the filmmakers, I learned this about his company, FStoppers. . .

“Fstoppers was created in 2009 in an attempt to organize online information pertaining to professional photography of all kinds. Founders Patrick Hall (www.patrickhallphotography.com) and Lee Morris (www.rlmorris.com) wanted to have a site that could not only feature high quality videos of photographers working but would also create a community for creative professionals to discuss their work and the work of others.”

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