Today is officially the first day of Summer, so I’ve been thinking about what sustains my makeup needs for this time of year.
Here are my requirements:
* A routine that is relatively quick, that can be done in 10 minutes or less.
* A neutral palette that can be adapted or “brought up” for evening time.
* A look that will last throughout the day. . . whether beach-bound, office-bound, or running errands.
Here are my products, in the order I use them:

1. Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover Concealer. A tiny dab will do; apply over clean, moisturized face to cover up dark areas around eyes, blemishes, or wherever you feel you need extra coverage. Use fluffy eye shadow brush (such as a MAC #216) to blend out edges of concealer.

2. Mineralize Skin Finish by MAC (in the compact. . . travels better, less mess than loose mineral powder). This is the ticket! Swirl your fluffiest kubuki brush over the top of this beautiful dome / baked powder, and then apply in circles over your face from forehead down to chin. Want more coverage? Swirl some more and apply. You’ll find redness decreases, even skin tone increases.


3. MAC’s Bronzing Powder in “Golden.” There are several shades of this bronzer in the black compact, but my personal favorite is the matte-finish of Golden. It’s a great all-over bronzer. Where to apply? Where does the sun hit you naturally? Forehead, cheeks, top of nose, chin, collarbones / decolletage. You can use the kubuki brush, or your blush brush to apply.

4. MAC’s Paint Pot in “Rubenesque.” This golden-peachy cream shadow, with a little shimmer is a phenomenal multi-tasking product. A little goes a long way; it’s crease-, fade-, and water-resistant. This product hangs on all day. The color is perfect for summer; it enhances that beach-goddess look we all love. Use a fluffy #216 or #224 brush to swirl on, beginning at lash line.

5. MAC’s Eye Kohl in “Teddy.” My all-time favorite eye liner. I have not come across any one who could not wear it. At its base, it’s a brown eyeliner, but with copper overtones. Use it boldly as a true eye-LINEr (draw line along lash line), or soften it by smudging this color into lashes and go for a smoldering look. **This is the product you can “bring up” your makeup for evening time by defining the eyes, perhaps even applying to water line (lower lash line on top of lashes).

6. Blinc Mascara
(formerly “Kiss Me” Mascara) in black. This is my mascara du jour. It’s unique in that it’s one of the “tube” mascaras that literally create small tubes around your lashes. It lengthens, volumizes, and stays put without being waterproof. . . you can actually go to the beach or pool and not have the raccoon effect. This is an amazing mascara that stays put until you use warm water to gently rub off.

7. And lastly, give your lips some love with MAC’s Clear Lip Glass. Especially if you’ve been blessed with naturally-pigmented lips. You can make them as shiny or subtle as you want. A great stand-by.
So, that’s it. It sounds like a lot, but you can have this entire routine down in less than 10 minutes. The versatile Mineralized Skin Finish and Golden Bronzer are the real quickies in this group.
May your summer be as beautiful as You!

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