Quite simply, this may be the best mascara I have ever used.  And I want to publicly acknowledge my sis-in-law, Amy Lesch, for her vigilant look-out of new products for me to try.  She was right on the money on this one.   So Amy, thank you!

Blog-o-sphere, if you were ever going to splurge on a mascara (and at $30, it is a treat), this is The One.  The first sign of its lovability is the fact that holding the tube is like holding a piece of wrought iron: it is heavy.  Only something substantial could be that heavy, right?  Then when you pull out the brush from the tube that first time, you realize the bristles on the brush are going to treat you right.  Tapered at the tip-end so you can reach those delicate inner-corner lashes, and fat and full on the handle-end, really help to fan out those corner lashes.

I simply cannot go on about this one mascara enough.  It is my new fave, and it is worth every cent.  It comes in a waterproof formula, as well, but I like the convenience of the regular version.  I have had no problems with it budging at all.  As a matter of fact, it takes a small splash of water at the end of the day, plus a little eye makeup remover to gently coax it off.  It stays put until you are ready to remove it.

I purchased mine at Nordstroms, but you can find it at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, or through the Giorgio Armani Beauty website.

If Loreal says you’re worth it, Giorgio Armani says you’re worth it all.  Happy Mascara-ing!

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