ImageWhen I find something that works for me professionally, I’m the kind of gal who likes to shout it from the rooftop.  Yes, I post lots of things about products, people, and techniques, but this is a tool that helps keep me organized and on-task as a professional makeup artist.  Kim Greene and Melissa Street, two California-based makeup artists, have developed the best face-chart app for MUA’s that I’ve yet to come across.  The options are plentiful and easy to use.  (A face chart is a way to record info about clients; their physical characteristics, the products I choose for them, and their needs and wants.)  This app is available at the iPhone App store under MyFaceCharts.  It’s a very reasonable $6.99.    I can customize a face chart as much or as little as I’d like, save it, then send it off to the printer. . . all from my phone or iPad.  I can choose the very plain, face only chart. . . or I can choose to have some pro tips (such as where to highlight and contour) included on the chart.  I can also upload a client photo and customize the chart according to her face/eye/lip shapes.  Thank you, Greene Street Beauty, for this wonderful, useful tool.  I have a lot more to play around with and learn, but already you’ve made my life a bit easier!



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