1.  Fluidline gel eyeliner in “Blitz & Glitz.”  It’s waterproof.  It’s smudge-able if you work with it quickly.  It stays put!  This is a black pigment with a hint of pearl/gold.  Complimentary to every eye color, but especially fab on blue and green eyes!  Holds on to eye shadow that’s layered on top of it.  I like to use a slanted #266 brush to apply it and a #219 pencil brush to smudge it.  If you want a smooth line, use only a #266.

2.  Pro Longwear Concealer.  I need a blog on the whole Pro Longwear line.  It’s rapidly my personal fave, which means it’s also in my own makeup drawer in my dressing room.  This stuff does a great job of concealing, but more importantly is gentle to the delicate under-eye area without being too drying.  Non-cakey.  Super when blended lightly on edges of application zone.  LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

3.  False Lashes Mascara.  This is my current mascara fave. . . but it’s not in my kit only because it’s not waterproof.  It’s in my makeup drawer, and I love this, love the brush, love the tube design.  Kudos, MAC!

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