Meet Jennings.  Does she rock this baby bump, or what?  Jennings is a talented photographer in her own right, so I was especially flattered when she asked me to make her up for her maternity session.  This was the day that downtown Charleston flooded. . . have you seen the photos of the kayakers in the middle of the Market?  That day. But look what happened indoors at the glorious Rice Mill.  Jennings’ good taste extends beyond the clothes, accessories, and venue: she had the fabulous Juliet Jones behind the camera.  When I first saw these photos, I was awestruck.  True to her form, Juliet always sees the light in and around her subjects.  Well, this maternity session was no different.  Juliet caught Jennings’ light; her baby-glow.  Thank you, ladies, for allowing me to be a part of this special day.  Hair shout-out to my friend, Carrie Algeo of Paper Dolls who designed a coiffure to endure a really rainy day.  Accessories courtesy of Colleton’s East (thank you Ansley!).   

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