One aspect of makeup that I enjoy most is the addition of false lashes to top off a polished look. Every bride represented on my website gallery is wearing some sort of false lash.  They don’t have to be “club” lashes to give your eyes the pop you desire in portraiture.  This is the one thing most of my clients tell me they wouldn’t broach on their own.  Well, here is a quick primer to help you achieve a MUA-worthy lash application.  The first piece of advice before the instructions, is to check out all kinds of lashes.  Choose ones that are very natural, not spiky, and have a reasonable amount of length.  Now, let’s begin:

1.  Remove the false eyelash strip from the container.  Peel it off, but be prepared to apply more glue later, as the glue used to adhere the lash to the package is NOT enough to guarantee staying-power for the false lash.


2.  Place the lash against your upper lash to measure and determine whether or not you need to trim it to fit your natural lashline.

3.  Break off the end of a cotton swab (“Q-tip”) and use that tip to swipe some waterproof lash glue (DUO is my preference) along the false lash strip.  Careful to use only a small amount.  Any glob is too much. . . spread evenly along the lash line.

4.  Holding the strip in one hand, gently wave around the lash w/ glue until the glue dries to a tacky consistency; approximately 30-50 seconds.

5.  Stand very close to a mirror (magnifying mirror is even better) and look downward; begin lining up the false lash to the inner corner of your lashline.  Lay lash down against your lash and press the glued lash strip onto your lashes, working outward.

6.  Glance up in the mirror; check to see that the lash is in the right position.  You’ll be able to tell immediately if you’re not close enough to your lashline or if you’re too far away from the inner corner. . . or if your false lash extends too far outside your normal lashline.  Adjust as needed.  The glue is still workable, so don’t feel funny about lifting it and replacing it as needed.

7.  Once the lash is in your preferred position, let dry a minute or so.

8.  THE BIG SECRET: Now, open your eyes wide and using your thumb and pointer finger, gently press the false lash into your lashes.  I call this “The Pinch.”  It’s THE difference maker and you’ll feel more comfortable immediately.

9. Once the glued lash is in place, apply eyeliner neatly over the base of where your natural lashline meets the false lash.  Blend with your lashes using a little mascara.

Image 1

For first-time wearers, here are some things to expect. . . all are normal. . . and your eye will acclimate during each step:

Expect the feeling of heaviness for the first several minutes (hey, you just put a foreign body on top of your lashes!)

Expect the feeling of moisture from the glue. . . maybe even some glue-seepage onto your lower lashes.

Expect that your upper and lower corners may stick together because some of the glue has transferred.  Once the lash has dried, open your eyes wide and gently un-stick the false lash from your lash.  Use a mascara wand or spoolie to comb through them and separate your uppers and lowers. Voila. . .Wedding-ready lashes!!!

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