Check out Megan’s eyebrows. . .they don’t happen by accident. I don’t know where Megan’s makeup artist begins but s/he really does a fine job with her brows.

The first thing I do when I begin work with any client, is reach for my eyebrow brush. It’s a reflex. . . I need to see what I have to work with. I, as do many MUAs, feel the eyebrow provides the “frame” for the rest of the face. Same thing with myself: the first thing I do before applying any makeup to my own face is to groom my brows. You’ve heard of “good hair days”. . . well, I need to determine if it’s going to be a “good brow day.”

Two months ago, I was having dinner with a group of other MUA’s from Charleston (The Makeup Mavens), and I looked across the table and really noticed Elizabeth’s phenomenal eyebrows. Elizabeth Quinton is also a former MAC artist and I quickly fell into “MAC talk” with her. She has the eyebrows I love. . . full, gracefully arched, clean. . . what I call “statement-brows.” I was eager to hear her routine, products used, etc. but she quickly deferred her brow-blessing to another person: Heather Faucette of Glow Spa in Mt. Pleasant. Elizabeth swore by this gal, saying she was the brow-maker. Hmm. File that info away and fast forward. . .

This past Saturday, I called up Glow Spa and secured my eyebrow waxing appointment with Elizabeth’s brow lady. Heather was everything EQ said she was: studious, meticulous, and opinionated. And that’s a great thing. . . I want someone in the know, who has an opinion, and can tell me what will look great on me. Immediately I felt comfortable and knew my brows would be taken to the next level: cleaned up, trimmed, no stragglers, or “sticks.” I have pretty decent eyebrows to begin with, but they definitely needed some maintenance, and Heather, in her gentle way, told me what I needed to do. . . what she needed to do to help me achieve my brow-vision.

I left Glow Spa with Elizabeth-esque brows and an appointment for a follow-up in three weeks.

Thank you, Elizabeth for your sage advice. And thank you, Heather for your guidance and steady hand.

p.s. “. . .Eyebrow Girl, Part 2” will be about the actual products I use to achieve the look I like. . . but definitely, the place to begin is with a well-manicured eye brow by a great esthetician.

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