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Wheelhouse: (from Urban Dictionary) area of expertise; a particular skill.

Wheelhouse: (from Wikipedia). . . A nautical term referring to the small room located atop a boat or ship where the steering mechanism is housed.  In baseball, the sweet spot of a baseball player’s strike zone where the most power and strength can be utilized.

Wheelhouse: (from iTunes). . . Brad Paisley’s ninth studio album.

Today, Tuesday, April 9, 2013, I identify most with the first (Urban Dictionary) definition.  I feel like with all that’s surrounding me and going on in my life at this moment (my makeup business, Smitten Magazine, my family and friends, my take on health, diet and fitness) I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, with a certain level of expertise and skill backing me up.  It’s high bridal season here in Charleston. . . I’m booked.  Smitten Magazine has launched to rave reviews and with great fanfare.  My family is healthy, happy, and have choices & options available to them (thinking particularly of my son Culley who has been accepted to each university he’s applied to: Furman, USC, and UGA).  It’s finally spring here in Charleston, and it couldn’t be more magnificent. . . blooms abound, yoga is calling, and I’m answering.  Light, leafy green fare (minus much of the red meat my Leschibals do so love) is being consumed.  In short, life is good and I’m in my wheelhouse.

I’m assuming from the title of Brad Paisley’s latest album, that he feels the same way right now.  It’s a good, blessed place to be.

With heart wide open. . .Thank You, Universe.


P.S.  I downloaded BP’s Wheelhouse today from iTunes.  It’s awesome. . . another summer-anthem.  Be sure to check it out!






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