I have a love affair with Southern Weddings Magazine.  As its website says, “ILoveSWMag.”  My love of this magazine began last year when I was a participant in a photo shoot for its Volume 3 cover finalist (see previous post).  This magazine manages to capture the essence of weddings in the South.  From the most spectacular venues to, Mason jars filled with Fire Fly concoctions (and lightning bugs, too;) to the finest regional cuisine and all things Southern in between.  You simply need to put your hands on it to understand how it oozes Southern magnificence.  But if you can’t get your hands on a copy, check out their website.
Now, meet Katie.  My May 1st bride.  Also a Southern Protocol bride.  I don’t usually write about clients before their wedding day, but this is a first.  Katie is the first featured Bride of the Month for SW magazine.  Please be sure to read her story on the SW blog, as well as her own personal blog at Koala Chique.  
Congrats, Katie and Southern Weddings Mag (for your excellent choice of inaugural BOM).

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