When I saw this photo, it was a reaffirmation of one of my makeup artistry goals: use more liquid liner!  I love the look that a great liquid eyeliner can give.  It’s bold and quite the statement-maker.  This is a printable, great guideline for different shapes to draw on the liner. What I’ve found about liquid eyeliner is that you simply have to make yourself do it. . .practice truly makes perfection!

These liner looks run the gamut from demure to Gaga-ish.  Personally, I like a small, hug-the-lashline line, with a “baby-wingout”.  Choose the look you’re going for, and get creative and do some kind of a variation on one of these.  Send me a pic if you do one. . . I’d love to see what you’re doing!

p.s.  Currently, I’m loving MAC’s Superslick Eyeliner (On the Hunt is a shiny black).

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