LATISSE. . . I’ve tried it, and I love what it’s done for me. . . long, luscious lashes that I’ve grown myself.

Latisse is the brand name for a pharmaceutical by Allergan called bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. It contains the same ingredient found in a medication for glaucoma patients whose side effect is growth of darker, longer lashes. It touts the ability to grow your lashes longer in 12 weeks of consistent use. Well, I’m here to testify!

It definitely worked, growing longer, fuller lashes, but I did encounter a couple of the side effects. Mainly eye dryness and darkening of my upper lash line. However, I feel the trade-off has been worth it. I use eye drops to keep my eyes moisturized and I use a little more eyeliner to conceal the darkness at my lashline. Coincidentally, an ophthalmologist recommend I not use Visine, which is a vaso-constrictor, meaning in order to “get the red out” all it does is shrink capillaries in your eyes. The redness comes right back, and therefore I use eye re-wetting drops.

As a makeup artist and a person with “insufficient” lashes, much of my work goes toward enhancing that feature. . . not only on myself, but my clients, too. When I’m dealing with a client, model, or bride the quickest route to long, luscious, stand-out lashes is a strip of false ones. However, it’s impractical for me to apply false lashes to myself every day. That’s where, for me, the beauty of Latisse lies. Every night after removing my makeup and washing my face, I brush on one drop of this product along my upper lash line. If you are a bride and have several weeks or months to go before your wedding, I’d highly recommend this product. If you are a consumer like me who wants to have your own “natural” lashes, this is a great way to go. Don’t get me wrong, I love my false lashes! There’s a time and place for them, especially in photography or for a special occasion.

I’ve spoken to some other Latisse users who have had hyper-growth. . . they responded very quickly and with an abundance of eyelash growth. When I began my treatment, the doctor’s office was running a special where I got two bottles of Latisse for the price of one. My first bottle lasted me about 16 weeks. I saw maximum results at about 10-12 weeks. That was over the summer, and I decided to give it a break for a few weeks, mainly because of the eye dryness. True to all the literture, my lashes went back to their normal volume and length, so I’m currently on round two. This product is available by prescription only, so do the research, talk to other users, and find out if this is something that you could benefit from.

A real moment of validation came when I saw one of my sisters over the summer, and she commented on my “false lashes.” She honestly thought I had put on my “Vegas Lashes.” It was a Lash Moment that Brooke Shields (an endorser of Latisse) would’ve approved of.

I’ve included some candid shots of myself and my sister, Jenny, without any makeup on. Compare our lashes. . . (she’s the blonde). Hers are a little longer than my normal (non-Latisse) lashes. Mine in the photo are without mascara. Thank you, Jenny, for allowing me to use your au naturel face!

The fine folks at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery set me up with my Latisse. This is a wonderful group of people who are well-trained, extremely knowledgeable, and offer a plethora of products and services. Michele Hensel is the office manager and a proud Latisse user. Check out their website below, or call Michele or Kirsten at 843.971-2860. There will be future blogs about them. . . awesome people who do wonderful things for our community while making this world a more beautiful place!

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