It’s easy to overlook these quiet titans. . . but they are Titans nonetheless. They sit on the display, unassuming yet asking to be picked up. . . if you do, don’t put it down. . . get yours immediately, because they are selling out as I type this.

MAC’s recent Pret-A-Papier launch included these Chromagraphic Pencils. They are flesh-toned, soft lining pencils, which are quickly proving to be my newest multi-taskers.

My first use of them was to clean up the outside of any lip application. They are especially wonderful on a classic, red lip. I use these after I apply lip liner, lipstick, and gloss. It helps prevent any bleeding edges or feathering of color. Lightly line the outside of the lip with this pencil. If you press hard, it will leave a noticeable skin-colored line. But I go back with either my finger or a cosmetic wedge/sponge, and blend it gently. The effect is clean and precise.

These pencils are also approved for use in the eye area. I like this applied directly to the waterline (the bottom lash line closest to the eye), as a freshener. The flesh-tone helps make the eyes “pop” and makes all makeup there appear cleaner and neater.

In a pinch, these could be used as spot concealers. They come in two formulations: NC15 / NW20 (great if you have fair skin) and NW25/NC30 (appropriate for medium to deeper skin tones).

The last time I checked, these pencils are sold out at MAC’s online store. So, rush out to your nearest MAC counter and pick yours up today. This is a must-have for your makeup drawer!

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