Saturday, February 6 was a great day. I was fortunate enough to be included in a wonderful fundraiser called Makeovers for Mammograms. It was the brainchild of one Leslie Crawford Moore, a phenomenal makeup artist here in Charleston.

Leslie is a wife and mother of two young children, whose world was turned upside down last year with the diagnosis of breast cancer. I am pleased to write that she is a survivor currently on the final part of her successful treatment.

I could tell from afar that Leslie was the kind of makeup artist I aspired to be. One who is professional, dedicated, worked her business thoroughly, and associated with some other fine folk. More about them later.

One day I came across Leslie’s blog about how she and her family have dealt with breast cancer. It struck me immediately because my best friend is a BC survivor. . . been there with her, through the drips, bald head, ensuing depression, and finally the reblossoming. I knew what she was in for. But what made Leslie different was this amazing blog. . . her ability to articulate through “chemo brain” all the things she was feeling. It made me revisit my second-hand dealings with it. So, first I became a rampant reader of her blog. Then I signed on as a follower. Then, before I knew it, I was writing to Leslie to just say hi or send some positive energy her way. And that’s how our nearly yearlong “friendship” began.

We never saw each other until this past Saturday, February 6. Leslie is a lady with a lot of friends and family. . . a tremendous support network. Through all our short correspondences, I knew she was the kind of person I could be friends with. And maybe she felt the same way, because she was kind enough to pull me into her circle and include me in this wonderful event.

Makeovers for Mammograms became her third “child” after doing extensive research and finding out that many women who have insurance are going undiagnosed because their insurance will not fund a mammogram. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of the uninsured women who don’t get diagnosed. Being the go-getter that she is, Leslie along with her friends at the Charleston Breast Center, organized this idea for a fundraiser. She enlisted the help of five other makeup artists in Charleston. Each artist had six clients throughout the day; for a donation, each had a one-hour consultation and mini-lesson regarding application techniques, proper colors, and left with a face chart which is an instruction sheet on how to recreate that look.

It was a great success. Money was raised for this wonderful organization; there will be several women who will benefit with a “scholarship” for a mammogram or perhaps breast health instruction. I so hope to continue this worthy cause. Leslie put together a team of women who worked beautifully together to make Charleston area women even more gorgeous. I felt like I was among fast friends. Margaret Gierhart, Kelly Campbell, Elizabeth Quinton, Laura Oliveri, and Leslie made me feel right at home. Big hugs, open makeup kits, and a nosh/margarita session after the day was done.

It was what she said during our margaritas that left me awestruck and sums up what I think Leslie Moore is all about. “If I could have any job in this world, I would be the person who sits with you on your first round of chemo and holds your hand. I wouldn’t say a word, I’d just hold your hand.”

I don’t know who started it, but it was quite appropriate. . . the “Pink Ladies” made Charleston a little more beautiful on February 6, 2010.

All photos are courtesy of the fabulous Juliet Elizabeth Photography. And if you want a first-hand account of what it’s like to undergo breast cancer treatment, I highly encourage you to check out Leslie’s blog. . . “Warriors Wear Pink.”

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