Dr Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Glow Pad is an exfoliating self-tanner.  The pad is smallish (3 x 3 inches), but it’s just enough product to cover your face, neck and décolleté.  After my last foray into self-tanning a couple of years ago, I thought I’d hang that up in order to embrace my outer-pastiness, which I’m perfectly content with.  But then in February, with our Anguilla trip imminent, my mind started drifting toward my inner-bronzed goddess once again. . . there was just no way I could sashay into the Dutch Antilles a la Glinna the Good Witch.  So this time, I did what I know I should have done two years ago: I consulted a professional.  Enter Dominique Godfrey, cosmetics consultant at Blue Mercury on King Street.  Dominique introduced me to these lovely towelettes.  She touted their anti-aging benefits, as well as the natural, glow-y sun-kissed finish.  Dr Dennis Gross offers body towelettes, as well, but I opted for another product (saving for a future blog:).  These face towelettes are compact (they come in a box of 10- or 20-count), and pack a punch of truly natural-looking color.  The glow that appeared across my forehead made me think the “anti-aging” bit was no gimmick. . . I felt like I’d sloughed off a couple of years and had a bronzy look to go with it.  Which means less makeup.  I love this product, start to finish.  And speaking of finishing, make sure you wash your hands immediately after using, as with any self-tanning product.  Thank you, Dominique.  I expect you’ll need to reorder these soon.


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