Surely I’m not the only gal who loves, Loves, LOVES lingering in the Wal-Mart beauty aisles.  Just the sheer volume of product choices can leave you overwhelmed.  Many times I’ve found myself hanging out and passing some time checking out name brands versus store brands.  Here’s one of my favorite finds:  Equate Everyday Facial Hydrating Cloths.

Time and again I find these Wal-Mart brand facial cleansing towels work for me.  They do a great job at loosening makeup, lifting mascara, gently exfoliating, while leaving my face feeling soft and clean.  I still need to apply lots of moisturizer in the evening, but that’s the nature of my skin.  Although these are marketed as a “Hydrating Cloths,” I believe they’d work beautifully on someone with an oilier skin type than mine.

How to use: run one under lukewarm water and rub together until it foams up nicely.  Rub over face, and scrub lightly until the lather cleans all traces of makeup.  Don’t be afraid to rub closely under closed eyes.  Rinse face with clear water.  These towelettes are not flush-friendly, so make sure to dispose of them in a waste basket.

That’s it.  Easy.  Clean.  Inexpensive ($5.97 for 60 count).  And these are magnificent for travel. . . they are so compact and can be packed nicely in a plastic baggie for your on-the-go beauty routine.

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