“Will my makeup last?” is a question I’m frequently asked, especially during this time of year, when humidity is at its highest.

Model in a Bottle is one of my go-to products that help ensure long-wearing makeup.  Misted on at the very end of an application, it seals and locks in the longevity of my airbrush foundation.  It’s great over traditional and mineral foundations, as well.   One of the residual benefits of this product is its amazing fragrance.  But I love that it also comes in a formula for people with sensitive skin.  

I had the pleasure of meeting the creator of this line, Jill Stephens, at The Makeup Show in NYC this past May.  Her product gets the job done, and her generous spirit and enthusiasm made me want to buy a dozen of everything!  Now that I’ve been using it with such great results with my clients, I’ll definitely request at least three each time I place an order.

Check it out at www.modelinabottle.com

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