Have you ever walked around downtown Charleston and appreciated the beauty of the exquisite window boxes that adorn some of the toniest battery addresses?  Chances are recent bride Jen may be responsible for what you are admiring.
Jen is a beautiful client who was entrusted to me for her bridal portrait m/u needs by our mutual friend Elizabeth Quinton.  Opportunist (and rabid window box fan) that I am, I offered up a trade: her services for my services.  My window boxes were already planted, but I had a porch planter that was in need of some gorgeous color-love.  It was a win-win and we both walked away very pleased 🙂
The first three professional photos come courtesy of the amazingly-talented, globe-trotting Valerie Schooling.  The last is an iPhone PLM original and the box is still blooming on my porch 🙂
Peace and plant love,

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