Wow!  There’s a new day dawning when my 12-year old daughter gives her mom a makeup tip: Maybelline’s Baby Lips.

And a great one, at that.  We’ve have purchased a dozen or so of these for every friend’s birthday that rolls around.  They seem to be a big hit with the middle school crowd.  We also have a few floating around our house.  When I was running out the door one day and didn’t have anything on my lips, I reached for my girl’s Baby Lips.  And was I ever surprised!  This stuff is great.  It’s lip balm taken to the next level: one with lots of moisturizer, sheer color, and a surprising amount of staying power!  At the $3 price point at your local CVS, it’s a steal!  So run out and recapture those Baby Lips of yesteryear. . . plump, moist, and slightly tinted.   Eight shades are available, with Peach Kiss and Pink Punch being my faves.  You will thank us!

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