. . .by NARS Cosmetics.

OK, so I couldn’t resist the hook 😉 If you are savvy to the makeup world, you’ll know that’s a reference to a very popular product by the French makeup artist, Francois Nars.

A NARS “Multiple” refers to the multi-tasking product that shades, blushes, and highlights everything from cheeks, eyes, lips, and body. It’s an amazing bit of makeup. It’s cream-stick formulation makes it easy to carry, and easy to apply. Use your fingers, a brush, or a cosmetic wedge. . . blend, and instant color, instant shimmer.

“Orgasm” is the name of the color. . . a peachy-pink, sparkly gold. It’s NARS’ best selling blush color. Absolutely beautiful on brides on their wedding day, but not my personal fave for photography. It’s gorgeous in person, but makes a bit too much reflection in photos, for my taste.

My favorite color is “St. Barts.” It’s billed as a “taupe shimmer” but I think the shimmer is kept to a minimum. It’s a shade of brown that true to its name, has a very Caribbean look that’s wonderful to contour with.

Then, there’s the best of both worlds: the Multiple Duo. It is the same creamy formulation, but is packaged in a compact with two shades. . . the darker for contouring, the lighter for highlighting. Again, my two faves are Copacabana/St. Barts and Orgasm/South Beach.

I consider a NARS Multiple, whatever shade you like best, to be an essential for spring and summer makeup bags.

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