One of the most amazing, humbling, and grounding experiences of my life:
participating in the Piggly Wiggly commercial shoot: Local Since Forever.
The ladies in the first two photos are employees of the Camden, SC Piggly Wiggly.
The lady in the third photo is a loyal customer who volunteered to be in a shot.
Please stop and think about what it means to your community to patronize local businesses, farmers, etc.  It means keeping your local economy afloat; supporting and consuming the freshest local foods; and helping perpetuate a cycle of growth in your own community and/or state.
Below is a link to the commercial that aired last Monday evening.  If you are in SC, you may see this or some portion of it on your local TV station.  
Being in Makeup can have its glamorous, worldly moments, but I will opt for the realness of the concept of LOCAL any day.

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