I was first introduced to “PRTTY PEAUSHUN” by a client of mine.  I was struck by the packaging: eco-friendly, sleek, and oh-so-squeezable.  Then, I opened the cap and there sat the most beautiful dollop of lotion just asking to be squoze out 😉  So, I did, and it was love at first sight.  
This peachy-pearlized lotion is very light and a perfect companion for bare summer skin: legs, shoulders, decollete, arms.  It gives the perfect amount of shine and light.  I buffed it in with one of my MAC buffer brushes, and the effect was simply amazing!
My research began.  And so did my correspondence with its creator, Bethany Karlyn, a Hollywood makeup artist.  I was sold by the beauty and simplicity of this product.  And the name is so clever: I loved the alliteration (P’s are my fave) and I loved the unusual spelling (peau is French for “skin”).  I also loved that I had “discovered” a product that I had not seen in the Charleston area.  Brazen little blogger that I am, I decided to contact the California people of Prtty Peaushun.  I introduced myself as a makeup artist in Charleston, SC, and told them how much I loved their product. . .
What I did not expect was a series of e-mails with the creator herself.  Bethany Karlyn, who can boast a clientele of some of Hollywood’s elite (including fitness guru Tracy Anderson whose torso and legs appear above) took the time to correspond with little ol’ me.  She told me about PP’s many different uses, including priming a clean face with this stuff for the softest, most photo-friendly glow.  She also told me how many on-location hairstylists are using just the teeniest dab of it as a finish over their styles for a touch of hair-glow.  Simply stunning!
I’m on a mission to tell all my clients about this phenomenal product.  If you like your bare arms, shoulders, and legs with a dash of shimmer and healthy glow, this is a must-try for you.  It comes in a range of 5 shades, with “medium” being the most universal.  
Thank you Bethany, for a staple product in my kit, and for your kind generosity in sharing your experiences with me.  My clients LOVE it!  

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