It began as a beautiful SEC-football filled Saturday.  I should have guessed it would turn rainy when the Gamecocks of SC beat my beloved UGA Bulldogs.
However, that didn’t dampen the spirits of the prep and party that was happening at a sweet urban loft on Charleston’s King Street.  Heather and Tim were in from Pittsburgh, and enjoying a lovely visit to Charleston to wrap up some pre-wedding planning.  Including their engagement photo session with the divine Kim Graham.
One of Kim’s many virtues is how she gets to know her clients.  She knew Heather and Tim’s epicurean love of food and wine.  And that’s what led to these series of photos.  As soon as I saw them, I was awed.  I left Heather that Saturday afternoon, and thought of her when the rain started pitter-pattering down.  I never imagined that Kim would harness the rain to her advantage.  But, as you can see, what she got was a very grown-up, sensory, and in my mind, sexy day.
Tonight, when I have my glass of red,  I’ll toast these lovely people. . . Heather & Tim and their wonderful taste in photographers.
Wedding prep courtesy of the equally epicurean Luke Wilson Special Events. (Thanks, sweet Megan!)

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