The more I think about jeans, the more I have to share. The next in my Denim Lineup are my Robin’s Jeans.

I find these Robin’s Jeans fly a bit under the radar. As a matter of fact, the company website is still in development. They don’t quite get the press as the Joe’s or Sevens or Diesels. And to my knowledge, they haven’t crept up in any TJ Maxx or Marshall’s yet. They truly still have their “boutique appeal.” Robin Cretchien, the creator/designer of this line, has been in the fashion biz for quite a while, with an affinity for denim. That’s great news for us denim consumers.

I have only one pair. . . this was a splurge. But again, worth it to me because I wear them so often. These jeans are plenty long, fit snugly against the hip, and did not need any alteration. The pair I own have the wings logo in black on a dark denim wash. But it’s the black studs that line the pockets and back side that make them unique. Mine were purchased at a great shop here in Mount Pleasant called Style Exchange.

The website will be up and running soon. Check back often.

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