One morning spent Pinning (Pinteresting?) former perfume-loves of mine led me to the idea for this blog.  I expect it to morph into several things, but here’s where I’ll begin:  Scents.  Perfumes.  Colognes.  Aromas.  Smells.

“. . . Smells are songs like time machines. . .” is a quote that was recently written on my Facebook wall.  Just one of many sage observations from my college roommate and sorority sister, Cheli.  She always did have a way with words.  A perfect example of personification and simile/metaphor all rolled into one.  By the way, she was a journalism major, and she’s made a career out of her word-smithery.  I love you, Chels-Bels.

Her sentiment rings so true in my life.  I’ve always known that of my 6 senses;) smell has always been the one most linked to memories. . . concrete times and places and people I’ve encountered.  It’s actually my favorite sense.  And let’s think about that “song” reference, too.  Songs, like smells, will transport me to an explicit place or time.  I love the comparison.

So here are several of my time-machines and a self-indulgent walk down Memory Lane, beginning with my adolescents :


Love’s Baby Soft. Who doesn’t remember their first perfume-love? This was mine, circa 5th grade. Jimmy Carter was President. There was a gasoline-shortage but no dearth of this sweet stuff.  It was love at first whiff with this powdery goodness.

And then came the perfumey-hair phase:


I used each of these at some point. The best-lingering scents were the two on the left: Faberge Organics  and of course, the Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific. But how could I forget the Body-on-Tap shampoos and conditioners?  This phase began in junior high school and to this day, I never buy a bottle of shampoo or conditioner without it passing the Smell-Test.  I adore perfumey hair.

And then, true “grown-up” scents. . . colognes marketed to people like me.  People who wanted a scent for each outfit and mood:



Which brings me to my Musk phase. I freely admit I bought into the whole “pheromone” thing. Musk oils were some of my very earthy-favorites. Jovan’s Musk Oil for Women was a bit more appropriate and wearable for day-time academics and school activities. But its night-time counterpart, Coty’s Wild Musk, was reserved for serious skating-rink allure.  I was convinced this stuff would insure an invitation to couple-skate.

And then, my first designer fragrance, for which there was no turning back:


I can wrap up my high school years with this classic.  Lauren by Ralph Lauren.  My first bottle was a gift from my high school sweetheart, who gave it to me in a perfectly-presented Easter basket.  I’ll never forget this gesture of 16-year old romance.  It was the perfect gift from the perfect first boyfriend.

Smells are Songs: to be continued. . .

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