In the land of photo shoots and filming webisodes (the new online ad campaigns), things move quickly.  I got the call on a Tuesday, and by Friday, I’d find myself fully ensconced in a 3-day shoot as STYLIST!

Slant Media, a boutique creative design firm here in Charleston, landed the Philips Consumer Lifestyle account for their new iPhone/iPod charger.  The creatives over at Slant (Christopher & Lauren) hired Alexander at Fox Media to do the filming for this campaign.  It was Alex Fox who brought me in on this project.

Dead Battery Anxiety or “DBA” is that generalized feeling of the-bottom’s-going-to-fall-out when your iPhone or iPod battery goes dead in the midst of some important event (business phone calls, online shopping, filming baby’s first steps, etc.).  It’s that angst that makes us do crazy things like take advantage of the kid who’s using the electrical outlet at the airport (“Plug Hawk”) or when we miss those all important “Baby’s First Steps.”  DBA will also cause the hottest of hotties to drop to her knees and “Hit tha Flo'” in search of an outlet to charge her iPhone in the middle of a night of bar-hopping.  DBA makes us do crazy things, indeed.  The product is Philips’ ChargeOn system that enables iPhone and iPod users to charge their batteries anywhere. . . thus eliminating the anxiety of DBA.

Several case studies were examined in the DBA phenom:  The Queen of Snark; The Wedding Crasher; The Mattress Violator, and Mister Sensitive were a few of the profiles DBA looked into more carefully.  If we’re really honest, each of us sees a little of ourselves in these people.

So, what’s a stylist’s role in all this?  Makeup and hair.  Need glam? Done.  Need tired, puffy eyes?  Yep.  Need businessman-losing-his-cool?  OK.  Need night-clubbing makeup?  No problem.  Need rocker-soccer mom angst?  You got it.  Need “plug hawk” just-been-tasered disarray?  No worries.  My biggest challenge was taking a beautiful 15-year old face and transforming it into an acne-riddled teen who has mom-issues.  Accomplished!  A shoot like this let me think in and out of the box.  It was all laid out before me by a team of some of Charleston’s most creative minds.  Art directors, campaign coordinators, photographers, videographers, sound engineer, . . . all I had to do was turn the talent into these anxiety-ridden people.  Look closely, because you will recognize these looks.

Showing Thanks and and my Attitude of Gratitude to:

Philips Consumer Electronics. . . (Kit, Karen, Katie, and ).  You guys are phenomenal.  You make me so proud to have been part of such a great team. . . you represent your brand, your company, and Charleston, brilliantly!

Slant Media. . . Christopher & Lauren.  Such coordination, such vision.  And the foresight and fortitude to get it done.  The production packet was amazing.

Fox Commercial Media. . . Alex, thank you for the trust and communication.  You are tops and certainly got your shot!  You are an excellent director.

Tout Models and Talent. . . the actors who appeared in this campaign were prepared, professional, and a joy to work with.

Last, my friend Kelly Campbell of Charleston Makeup.  Your kind, generous spirit is your beauty.  Thank you for the confidence in recommending me for this job.

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