I first became acquainted with the Deep Steep line of products in 2006. My Gurl Lil and I decided this line of body care products would be a great addition to our retail inventory at our day spa, Whole Woman Wellness. This line never left my radar, because once I’ve fallen, I’ll always have a soft spot for it. Flash forward a couple of years, and while perusing the “beauty aisle” at Whole Foods, I see Deep Steep has a prominent placement at the entrance of this section. As well, it should.

This is one of those rare gems. . .locally made on Johns Island (yay! love Love, LOVE patronizing locally), organic, cruelty-free, and the most AMAZING scents I’ve ever smelled in body care. This line consists of foaming hand washes, bath teas, body butters, moisturizing sticks, body washes, and bubble baths. And I can’t stress how delicious the scents are!

The bath teas are what hooked me. . .this was a new concept to me, and I bought it hook, line, and sinker. You run your warm bath, toss one of the bath tea bags into the running water, and let it steep as you would a regular cup of tea. Only you are going to let your body steep in it, too. The aromas are heavenly and your bathroom will smell delish for hours.

If you leave one of the foaming hand washes at your sink, people WILL ask you about it, where you got it. My dry skin loves the body butters, especially after a bath tea soak. And for problem dry-skin areas (heels, cuticles, pregger bellies), be sure to check out the moisturizing sticks.

Grapefruit-Bergamot and Honeydew-Spearmint are my favorites, but you could never go wrong with any of the others: Lavender-Camomile, Rosemary-Mint, or Tangerine-Melon.

Check out the entire line: www.DeepSteep.com

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