David working backstage at CMV’s Fall Fashion Week Show
Backstage Makeup Area
Romero Jennings’ Face Chart & Makeup Design for the CMV show
I love this. . . Romero’s detailed plan on back of face chart

I really try to keep my braggart moments to a minimum.  But this only counts as a brag in the sense that it’s trumpeting the company I keep.  And I must say that one of my biggest sources of personal pride is that I have a knack for keeping company with top shelf folk 😉

My best man friend, David, is the source of my inspiration today.  David is MAC’s Southeastern trainer.  That means he trains all new makeup artists for MAC, as well as certifies and keeps all existing artists current in new MAC product and trends.  He attends “Train the Trainer” which is an international meeting of all the greatest minds of MAC (artistic and business).  And he does soooo much more.  Without going on and on, which I could easily do, suffice it to say, David possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of all things MAC and all things MAKEUP.

So, here’s the condensed version of the long story I’d love to tell: David got a phone call from the one and only “Romero.”  (Romero Jennings is the MAC Senior Artist who had been contracted by fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo to do makeup for the models for his Spring 2011 show.  In New York.  At Lincoln Center.  For NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.)  Romero hand-picked his team of MAC artists, and called David to recruit him for this effort.  In the world of makeup artistry, particularly beauty and fashion makeup, this is a holy grail. . . to work backstage makeup for the uber-designers and models. . . a dream realized!  Kudos to Romero for a successful Fashion Week and having made the sage decision to include David Huebner!

David, I cherish you: the artist and the person.  You so deserved this.  MAC, and particularly your Southeast artists, are so fortunate to have you and your beautiful mind.  You inspire me daily, and I’m proud to call you friend and rejoice in your accomplishments.

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