Meet MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer.  It’s my new best friend (and my tired, stressed-out, sleep-deprived clientele’s, too).  I could do an whole blog on this entire line of MAC Pro Longwear. . . I happen to love this stuff!

I’m going through more of this concealer than any I’ve used on any clients before now.  Its consistency is perfect for that oh-so-delicate skin that’s just under eyes.  Its pigment is opaque enough to hide dark circles and red areas.  Yet it’s non-drying like some other pasty concealers.  I love it as a prelude to a light misting of MAC’s airbrush formula foundation.

I’m also using it personally. . .it’s in my makeup drawer in my own dressing room.  Which seems to be a test of makeup that I just can’t do without in my kit.  A tiny dab will do. . . blend in small circles with a fluffy eyeshadow brush that you dedicate to your concealer.

Looking to switch things up a bit with your concealer?  I’d highly suggest this!  Remember, concealing rules have evolved: Gone are the days of “reverse raccoon eyes” (you know, where your under-eye makeup is way too light).  The secret to successful concealing is matching your own skin tone, nearly exactly.


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