One misty October morning, I drove up to the Noisette area of North Charleston. As I am prone to be, first arrival guaranteed my rock-star parking 🙂 Was I in the right place? It was just too industrial to be certain. Thank goodness for a Blackberry and Facebook-to-go!

When some familiar faces showed up, I knew I was in the right place. Warehouse padlocks were unlocked, tall doors rolled back, and in we walked into this artistic oasis in the midst of a former naval shipyard. Stark, windows everywhere, wide wooden plank floors (the old kind), and the furniture. . .just enough, not too much. The coffee started pouring and the music was cranked; I felt we were in for something good.

By “we” I mean Team Tresses, as in Tresses Salon Studio of Mount Pleasant. The owner of Tresses, Mallory Shymanski, called and asked me to do makeup for their upcoming hair photo shoot. These photos would be used to update their website.

I was awestruck by the teamwork of these girls. They did double duty: fashion stylists (clothing courtesy of Teal @ Towne Centre Mt. Pleasant) as well as hair. They worked in a syncopation normally felt in a piece of music. Hands, products, styling tools, were all flying. Then the models would come to me for makeup: airbrush foundation, eyes (by hand), cheeks, lips, LASHES!!!! The theme for this shoot was “Pure, Progressive, Uncensored.” Suffice it to say that by the time we hit “progressive” and “uncensored,” everyone’s guard was down and we were all working at full tilt. These girls think outside the box. . . if you’re ever in the mood for trying something a little different, this is the place to go. But they do “traditional” just as well. I’m infatuated with what they do. Ask any of them. . .each time I leave, I have dreadlocks in my hair. . .and they look FAB! (Also see previous blog about the HAI Elite curling rod. . .this is the only salon in the southeastern coastal region that carries it.)

The studio/space that Todd Surber and Reese Allen have created is nothing short of spectacular. But it’s the two of them who fill the atmosphere with energy, confidence, and a good dose of showmanship. I thought my parking space was “rock star”. . . until I met these guys. That’s the feel of the place. Please check out their website to see their amazing bridal/wedding/portraiture work. It’ll leave you breathless.

I’m thankful for yet another “moment.” You all rock!

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