I had one of the most amazing all-female-crew experiences one overcast afternoon last December on Seabrook Island.  When I hung up the phone after speaking with Emilie Moca Whitaker, principal of Beija-Flor Jeans, I knew I wanted a piece of this action.  I am a bit of a denim-snob to begin with (the designer jeans simply fit me better, is what I tell myself), and I was harboring the thought that maybe I would work for jeans.  After hearing the history of this phenomenal family-run company (a mother-and-daughters team) based out of Greenville, SC, I was sold on their integrity, spirit, pride in their heritage (Brazil!), and work ethic.  Then I met them.  Then I worked with them.  Then I wore their jeans.  I am now proud to call myself a Beija-Believer.  (Please be sure to click on the link above and read about their journey, the story behind the Beija-Flor fit, and browse all the amazing jeans!)

The literal translation of the Portuguese phrase beija-flor means kiss-the-flower.  Which is what a hummingbird appears to be doing while feeding. . . hence, their designer logo which is embroidered on the hip of their jeans.  (Isn’t it grand when symbolism and wording come together like that to represent so many things?  I love the cleverness of it!)

Emilie and her mom, Kathy, along with Amanda-the-Super-Intern, had a look book assembled and knew the shots they wanted.  Nicole, the model, was on board and had worked with these ladies for other studio shoots.  As a matter of fact, its this Nicole for whom the B-F Nicole jean is named after.  This is a mainstay of their jeans line that is somehow flattering on every body type.  Check out the photos for the strategically-placed darts and seams that miraculously make every be-hind look booty-licious.  I am now the proud owner of a pair of Nicole jeans, and they have trumped my True Religions, Joes, and Rock & Republics.  The B-Fs fit me divinely.

By the way, model Nicole is more than a beautiful face.  She’s a Doctoral candidate at Clemson who can talk shop or product functionality with the best of them.  She is the face of Beija-Flor: classic, boho-chic, timeless, and can cross the line to rock-glam if need be.  It was a pleasure to work with her, as well.

And then there was the photographer.  Jennings King.  Jennings is making the transition to full-time lifestyle-editorial-wedding photographer, and has just the flair, style, and technique necessary to embark on this switch.  She has an eye for beautiful scenery, amazing props, and a way of communicating clear direction.  I am so pleased and honored to work with her during her ascension.  She hasn’t even made the leap yet from her day-job to full-time photog, and she has already booked her first wedding abroad!  Congrats, Jennings. . . I know big things are in store for you.

It was Girl Power for sure that weekend.  I am ready for another dose!  Many thanks to Kathy Moca, Emilie Moca Whitaker, and Intern Amanda (wise beyond her young years, and task-master extraordinaire!)  Also to Antiques of South Windemere, for the use of the lovely brass and velvet chair.  Here are a few shots from the day:

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