Pamela Lesch Portrait by Richard Ellis Photography

Are you ready for our upcoming winter?  According to the Farmers’ Almanac, Winter 2013- 2014, the “Days of Shivery” are back and we are forecast with lower than average temps.  Sounds pretty cold to me, and that means a little prep now can help “save face” for our upcoming winter.

The first things we can start to think about are what our home and/or work environments are like. Temperature and climate play a large role in how our skin behaves.  The two main environmental factors that I will be adjusting in my home are humidity and shower/bath water temps.

It’s now time to break out the humidifier.  Add water to those tanks, turn them on, and watch beautiful humidity pump into our rooms.  This helps keep skin hydrated, respiratory systems lubricated, and takes the dryness out of our otherwise parched homes.


The other thing I will adjust and encourage you to do, is trying not to shower in such steaming hot water.  I will turn down the temp and try to keep it around 100 degrees as opposed to 120.  Isn’t it the most natural thing to want to do in cold weather. . . seek heat from any place?  I’m certainly guilty of this skin-health-faux pas.  Nothing zaps the moisture from skin like hot shower water.  But I could wax poetic about how great it feels. . . know what I mean?


So, fill those tanks with filtered water, put those humidifiers out, and step away from the hot shower water.  That’s truly the best beginning for winterizing skin.  Stay tuned for great product and application tips. . .

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